Well Women Exam

Well Woman Exam

Every woman should schedule a yearly appointment with her gynecologist for a “well woman” exam. This preventative visit is important for health screenings and general  evaluation by your doctor. 

What can I expect? 

During this visit you can expect that the following will be completed: 

  • A Pap smear: This procedure checks for abnormal or precancerous cells that could be a sign of cervical cancer. During the Pap smear we swab the inside of the cervix, and the cells from the swab will be examined for anything unusual.  Catching any abnormalities early is very important in prevention and treatment of  cervical cancer. 
  • Breast Exam: During the breast exam we look for lumps or other signs of abnormalities in the breast tissue that could point to early signs of breast cancer. We will also show you how to perform an exam yourself- it is important to  regularly check your breasts for abnormalities
  • Physical Exam: During the physical exam we will check things like your weight and blood pressure. You will be asked questions about your family history as well as your own health history. We will discuss your habits in nutrition, physical  activity, smoking and alcohol consumption, sexual practices and your menstrual  cycles. 

This visit is also a time for you to make Dr. Jeffrey Hantes aware of any questions  or health concerns that you may have. This will help us better care for any issues  you may be facing.