Vaginal Rejuvination

Vaginal Rejuvination

Vaginal Rejuvination services offered in Fort Worth Medical District, Fort Worth, TX

If you’re unhappy with your vagina’s appearance following childbirth, vaginal revitalization surgery may be right for you. At Female Health Associates of North Texas, Jeffrey M. Hantes, DO, offers several types of vaginal revitalization procedures in-office, including clitoral hood reduction, vaginoplasty, and labiaplasty. Dr. Hantes uses precise surgical techniques to achieve your desired results and improve the form and function of your vagina. Call the office in Fort Worth, Texas, to schedule a vaginal revitalization consultation or book an appointment online today. 

What is vaginal revitalization?

Vaginal revitalization is an umbrella term for surgeries that can improve your vagina’s cosmetic appearance or function.

Female Health Associates of North Texas offers several types of vaginal revitalization procedures in-office, including:


Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure to remove excess vaginal tissue or muscles to tighten the vagina and improve its appearance.


Labiaplasty is a vaginal reconstructive surgery to remove excess tissue from the labia minora, the small lips of the interior vagina, or the labia majora, the larger, outer vaginal lips.

Clitoral hood reduction

Clitoral hood reduction is a surgical procedure to remove excess tissue surrounding the clitoris to improve sexual stimulation and enhance the vagina’s appearance.

Dr. Hantes can perform the surgeries individually or complete a combination of procedures during the same appointment.

When should I consider vaginal revitalization?

You may be a candidate for the vaginal revitalization surgeries available at Female Health Associates of North Texas if you’re unhappy with the appearance of your vagina due to excess or lax skin that occurs with aging or after childbirth.

Age-related skin changes due to the loss of collagen and elastin can make the skin around your vagina loose and saggy. Childbirth can also affect your skin’s elasticity and also weaken the interior vaginal muscles.

Loose, hanging skin can make you feel uncomfortable in swimsuits and other tight-fitting clothes. You might also be dissatisfied with your sex life due to stretched out skin and weak muscles.

Dr. Hantes discusses your symptoms and your goals for surgery to ensure vaginal revitalization is right for you. He also reviews your medical history to ensure you can tolerate surgery and anesthesia.

What happens during vaginal revitalization?

Female Health Associates of North Texas offers vaginal revitalization procedures in-office and makes sedation or local anesthesia available to keep you comfortable.

Dr. Hantes uses advanced surgical techniques to improve the aesthetic and function of your vagina by removing excess tissue and tightening weak muscles.

In most cases, surgery takes about one to two hours to complete. After spending a brief period of recovery in the office, you can go home to heal.

Typically, it takes about two to three days to recover from your procedure before you can return to light activities. You may need four to six weeks of recovery before you can get back to your usual routine.

Call Female Health Associates of North Texas to schedule a consultation for vaginal revitalization or book an appointment online today.